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The CPR Site: American Heart Association Certified Training Site 

BLS/CPR Training Site in the South Suburbs and Chicagoland

The CPR Site teaches and certify for Basic Life Support (BLS), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) for adults and infants in Chicago.

The American Heart Association invites you to share their vision: a world where no one dies from cardiac arrest. Every year, 350,000 people die from cardiac arrest in the United States. Big number. Bigger opportunity. With your help, we can bring that number down to zero. 


The CPR Site hosts several BLS/CPR/ACLS renewal or Illinois certification sessions - group and individual.

 Get CPR Certified & Trained!

  • Learn CPR, get certified and gain lifesaving skills that can help you respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies.


  • Learn how to identify a person suffering from cardiac arrest or from breathing constriction.


  • Learn the proper way to perform CPR skills such as chest compressins and rescue breathing.


  • Cover CPR skills (for adults, children & infants), AED and choking.


Introducing our Basic Life Saving Skills Training Course
Bring Family & Friends!

Our Basic Life Saving Skills Training Course is for people who want to learn CPR, but do not need a course completion card in CPR for their job.
This course is ideal for schools and students, friends, new parents, grandparents, babysitters and others interested in learning how to save a life.
Course content includes:
  • CPR instruction for adult,child,infant
  • Choking relief for adult, child, infant
  • Identifying emergencies
  • CPR Wrap training
  • CPR face shield mask with keychain
  • Workbook included in class
                                          LEARN - SOCIALIZE - HAVE FUN
                                          Discounts for 4 or more in a class
                                                      Make it Social!
                                            Bring your snacks and drinks.
                                    This class is in-person at our facility.
                               Our monthly classes have limited availabilty.
                        We can create group classes for 4 or more participants.

About The CPR Site

Located in Chicago's South Suburbs, The CPR Site is a certified American Heart Association BLS/CPR/ACLS First Aid training and certification center offering adult and infant CPR classes serving Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana and the surrounding area. 

The CPR Site is an exclusive distributor of the CPRWrap™.

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CPRWrap™ takes the guesswork out of performing CPR in an emergency.

The CPR Site is an exclusive distributor of CPRWrap™.

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